Waikiki Deluxe


Can you fit an entire Hawaiian beachside barbeque between two buns? Glistening strips of bacon, melted cheese and summer-sweet grilled pineapple top our handmade beef patty to complete our all-time favourite burger. Aloha Hawaii! ;-)




hot wings3.jpg


Sanzoku Black Pepper Striploin


Our ultra-tender prime Striploin steak is seared to perfection over our flame grill, and finished with a rich, glossy Sanzoku black pepper sauce - made from a secret recipe passed down from generations of Japanese grill-masters. Oishi-desu!





beef brisket.JPG



2 - $4.50 / 4 - $8.90

We've scoured the deepest, darkest corners of the globe to find the world's hottest chili peppers - and we've discovered the legendary Mexican Habanero chili - a whopping 100,000 Scoville Units! Extra hot, crazy hot or LOCO MOCO hot? The choice is yours.